Flow Meter Tokico 2 Inch Type FRO054104X

Jual Tokico Flow Meter Oil -FLOW METER TOKICO - TOKICO FLOW METER 2 INCH - FRO0541-04X

Flow Meter Tokico 2 Inch Type FRO054104X



 Measurable Fluids
 Gasoline, Kerosene,Light
 Oil,Heavy Oil, Solvent
 & Crude Oil
 Accuracy  ±0.5%
 Flow Range
 Kerosene, Light Oil
 1,500 ~ 9,000 l/h
 Flow Range
 Heavy Oil
 250 ~ 13,000 l/h
 Max. Operating
 10 Kgf/cm²
 Hydraulic Test Pressure  20 Kgf/cm²
 Max. Temperature
 Heavy Oil
 Flange Rating  JIS 10 Kgf/cm²
 Counter Unit
 Integrating Pointer and
 Integrating Counter
 Body Material  Cast Iron

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Email : sales@wishindo.com

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Tokico Flow meter size 2 inch. Tokico Flow meter size 2″. Tokico Flow meter size 2 dim. Tokico Flow meter size 50mm. Tokico Flow meter size DN50. TOKO Tokico Flow meter size 2 inch. Agen Tokico Flow meter size 2″. Supplier Tokico Flow meter size 2 dim. Distrubutor flow meter Tokico jepang Flow meter size 50mm. Supplier Tokico Flow meter size DN50. Agen flow meter Tokico FRO0541-04X Size 2 inch DN50. TOKICO Flow meter type FRO0541-04X. Jual flow meter tokico type FRO0541-04X. Agen flow meter tokico flow meter oil.

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Tersedia berbagai ukuran. Jual flow meter tokico size 2 inch jakarta, flowmeter tokico surabaya 2 inch. Jual tokico flow meter size 2 inch di jakarta. agen flow meter tokico jepang 50mm di jakarta. toko flowmeter tokico di glodok jakarta. Agen flow meter tokico di jakarta DN50 Size 2 inch. Toko flowmeter tokico size 2 inch RESET. Tokico flow meter oil. Flow meter minyak oil Tokico size 2 inch. Flow meter tokico jepang.

Tokico flow meter oil tersedia dengan berbagai jenis dan ukuran. Tokico flow meter type FRO054104X SIZE 2 INCH. Flow meter minyak original dan baru. Tokico flow meter oil merupakan flow meter minyak yang sudah banyak digunakan diberbagai negara. Agen flow meter minyak. Flow meter minyak tokico type FRO054104X. Tokico flow meter oil reset. Flow meter tokico jepang bergaransi original dan baru. Jual flow meter tokico jepang atau flow meter minyak. Tokico flow meter oil.


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